Protect your properties with the

Genesis Accordion Shutter

South Florida manufacturers trust in Genesis Shutters to give their clients the protection they need during a hurricane.

Approved by the Florida Building Code


GIC Aluminum is the sole supplier of the Genesis Shutter extrusions.

Genesis Accordion Shutter Group is a hurricane protection system created to close the gaps left by many of the accordion shutters that are manufactured in South Florida. Genesis offers the benefit of stronger wind load capacity, greater blade coverage, compact blade stacking, lighter blade weight among many other features.

When our engineers got together, they created a product that would not only serve to protect South Florida citizens, but also make the work of manufacturers and installers easier. As part of this initiative, we have integrated special product engineering details in our product approval. What this means for you, is that you will not have to pay for engineering details like the curved track (Detail 9B and others) found in product approval.

Our product can be used with a variety of possible tapcons, anchors and screws from different providers like Elco, ITW Buildex and All Points for wood, block and concrete combinations.

When is comes to corners of bay windows, there is no need to place multiple shutters to cover the opening. Genesis has a track that can be placed in openings that require up to a 90 degree angle, making it ideal for bay windows and corners. See product approval for details.


Why choose Genesis Shutters

Windload capacity, included engineering details, lighter blade weight and more.

    Genesis shutters can withstand wind load pressure of +150/-200. Also, they have been designed to be used in high rises, going up to the 50th floor, making them a great manufacturing option due to their versatility.


    Three centermate options available, (Centermate, Unibox, Unimate). Our centermates are made of one single piece, not requiring a male and female. The unimate option allows for the use of locking pins and push lock.


    Compact stacking is a great feature of the Genesis Shutter. The unimate centermate makes it possible for the shutter stack to take up less space. This feature gives the shutters, when opened, a more elegant and discreet look.


    Genesis has a blade coverage of 7 inches, where most shutters have coverage of 6 to 6.5 inches. This allows for less shutter blades to cover the same area. Keep in mind that shutter strength is not diminished due to this feature.

Companies that trust Genesis

A great product to manufacture. We have been manufacturing and installing Genesis with great success for over 4 years. Alum Shutters & Glass
Clients always give me the greatest feedback after installing and using Genesis in their home. I manufacture Genesis exclusively.NFC Aluminum
It's an affordable product that doesn't compromise in quality. I strongly believe this is the best accordion shutters in the market. Guardian

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All our members must be NAMI certified.
We invite local manufacturers to join the large family of fabricators who have chosen to build and sell the trusted Genesis Accordion Shutter due to its reliability as a hurricane shutter system.
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